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Last modified: 5/12/2021

Colophon - Author

René Ros near the Defensive Tower on the Ossenmarkt in Weesp
René Ros near the Fort near Abcoude.
(Picture: Alexander Sneger, 2016)

This site was conceived and created by René Ros with the help of Jurgen Lamers and many others (see Thanks to...). The most important reason for building it is to get the attention of a larger public for the Stelling van Amsterdam (The Defence Line of Amsterdam) and to show what's still left of it. Secondly, it looked an interesting challenge and the perfect opportunity to learn more about the Defence Line for ourselves.

In February 1998 work started and the first test version was available in March and since then information added was based on books, reports and our own archive and field research. The first version was published on January 3rd, 1999 and the research continued.

René often saw the forts of The Defence Line between his 9th and 20th years when he was a Sea Scout (see Scouting Erskine) in Amsterdam. Especially the forts in the Southern part around the villages of Uithoorn and Abcoude. Why were they built? By whom? Who worked and lived there?

Since completing his Bachelor degree in Computer Science, René works as a independent data-base programmer.

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Defence Line of Amsterdam. A city wall of water.
UNESCO Werelderfgoed sinds 1996
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'Introduction to the Defence Line of Amsterdam' is a interactive ebook about the Defence Line of Amsterdam.